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Advantages of Digital Learning Material

High engagement learning
Top quality and updated content
Broadened learning opportunities
Beneficial ease of accessibility
Creative and interactive learning experience
Improved Knowledge retention
Save The Pollinator
Save The Pollinator is an educational e-learning game that provides the learning experience of natural ecosystems to the intended users. The purpose of this game is to educate the importance of insects in the planet’s ecosystem and to enlighten on what we can do to help them thrive in and around our homes. This game was designed by WAD using bright colours and illustrations that makes the user interested in participating.
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Mine Hunt
Mine Hunt is an e-learning game that was designed using realistic visuals, making the user intrigued and therefore interested. In this game, the user can explore the tunnels and rooms of a mine, searching for various objects to complete a subterranean scavenger hunt. The purpose of this game to provide an interactive experience of highlighting one of the non – renewable resources’ origins while improving the visual perception and self – confidence skills of the user.
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Art Puzzle
Art Puzzle is an e-learning jigsaw puzzle that was designed by WAD customized with vivid illustrations, attracting the attention of the user. In this game the user has to reassemble pieces of a famous painting. The purpose of this game is to help enhance problem solving and reasoning skills of the targeted audience while making it fun and interactive at the same time.
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Art Gallery
Art Gallery is an interactive e-learning game that was designed using colourful imagery. In this game, the user can curate a virtual art gallery using paintings from different categories and create their own gallery scene. After curating the gallery, the user is bestowed with a faux newspaper article that is a review of their new gallery.
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Compose It
Compose It is an interactive e – learning game that was designed by WAD using colourful graphics and smooth animations, making users more invested in it. The purpose of this game is to help the user learn how to compose music from different categories and to familiarize themselves with the concept of musical notation.
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