The Brief.

Wilpattu National Park, famous for being the home of many diverse species, needed a website where visitors and wildlife enthusiasts can discover more about the species and archaeological sites and if interested, to book a trip online so they can see it first-hand. The website was to be designed where it would display vital species’ details to measures taken for park management along with the key areas highlighted. The visual impression should reflect the essence of nature and species working together.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We planned to present the diversity of species and nature along with the archaeological sites of the Park.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

We wanted to showcase the biodiversity of the species in a visual manner that complements Wilpattu National Park.

So, we came to three different methods to achieve that which was illustration based, image based and an interactive map. Finally, we designed the website combining all three approaches.


03 Engineering

We found a challenge where we had to balance the heavy content on the right positions using the right images, since we combined all three ways. This challenge was stabilised by revising the layout a few times before arriving to a functioning final layout.

Moreover, the interactive map was part of the designing as well where it locates which animals are found in which area, therefore posing as a guide to the visitors. Finally, we managed to deliver an effective web solution.

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