The Brief.

Recently launched to the public in Colombo, The Avenue is a cuisine fusion restaurant owned by two well-renowned professional chefs. They requested us to design and develop their official website so they can reach a larger customer base and their reputation of infusing American, Asian, French and Italian cuisines into their dishes. Their website was to be designed in a way that showcases their exclusive dishes and the variety of cuisines they serve at the restaurant.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The plan was to create a website that would focus on displaying their services and dishes to their audience.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

When it came to the design aspect of the website, we decided to utilize the color scheme of the restaurant’s brand to convey a sophisticated look. While doing so, a simple and aesthetically pleasing design was integrated giving it a modern look and feel which conveys the restaurant's atmosphere as well as directing the users’ attention to a showcase of a preview of the restaurant’s menu with a gallery so customers can know what kind of dishes are served by the restaurant.


03 Engineering

The website was given vertical navigation, which made it considerably more accessible to users by removing the need to click tabs in order to view each web page. To portray the restaurant's features, large photographs of the restaurant's interior were used. The user's ability to obtain details was emphasized, therefore the flow of content was designed to make it easier to read.

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