Mobile Applications

The Brief.

Ansell, a global manufacturing company well known for producing protection for healthcare professionals and patients, industrial workers, and other clienteles, required a mobile application and a web system for its employees to report and monitor their activity. It was to be designed in a manner to support the web system built for the factory where the process to fill forms should be made seamless and easy for the user and as well as for the contact numbers and necessary information should be clear and easy to find.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The plan was to implement the platform in a straightforward manner for the purpose of conducting safety reporting and monitoring.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

Since there were different types of functionalities and input methods to be applied in the platform, the challenge was to distinguish each of those elements to gain efficient user engagement and experience. Minimal designs were used, so the essential mass of information was emphasized more toward the user.


03 Engineering

To begin with, we created different prototypes in order to decide which technique is more efficient, such as drop-downs and selection tabs, to modify and display the forms in a variety of screen resolutions since they have different types of input methods.
After that, we progressed on to selecting the most proficient input method for the user, which we implemented throughout all the form UIs. Therefore, it resulted in providing the most effective solution based on the functionality.

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