Mobile Applications

The Brief.

smaboo, a start-up located in Germany that provides a digital mediation platform for booking appointments on short notice, requested us to refine their existing website and create their official mobile application. The mobile application was to be designed that would highlight the main functionalities where many registered businesses, mainly hair salons, spas and restaurants can provide their customers the option to schedule appointments ahead. Additionally, they required the website to be designed in a way that promotes the mobile application.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The plan was to refine and promote this application as an extremely simple way to schedule appointments in short notice.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

While remaining true to the application's concept, we developed the website utilizing illustrations to highlight the services provided by the application. When creating the mobile app, we included a simple and minimalistic interface so that it will prominently show the time slots for the bookings in a clear manner so that customers will not have any confusion when it comes to their appointment scheduling decisions.


03 Engineering

When developing the application, we had to ensure the main features of the application were easily accessible so we included a bottom navigation bar for simple navigation. Furthermore, we integrated the ability to view in German and English so that it can communicate with the local and international audience of the business. New updates and events of the smaboo application can be also viewed in the website so that its target audience can always be informed about the business.

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