The Brief.

Oceanswell, Sri Lanka’s first marine conservation research and education non-profit organisation also known as the home to the well-known ‘Sri Lankan Blue Whale Project’, needed a website to share about their cause and reach out many groups of audiences where they can learn more about the project, make donations to support the cause and as well as participate in it. The client required the website be an interactive platform to the website visitors and to highlight the major features of the organisation.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The strategy to develop the website was to publicise the non-profit organisation to the website visitors and stakeholders.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

We designed the website using colour schemes that matches with the ocean and as well as serene imagery of the underwater ecosystems, along with colourful and hand drawn illustrations of underwater animals and nature, making website visitors interested in wanting to know more about the organisation’s purpose.


03 Engineering

While developing the website, we introduced detailed forms for sightings and stranding as a way of making the website interactive to the users where they can contribute their findings to the organisation.

Moreover, we applied a parallax feature where it allows the transitions of the web pages to be smooth and seamless, making the site more intriguing to the user. By implementing this to the website, we were able to provide a simple and effective web solution to the users and the client.

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