The Brief.

Novelwall, one of the biggest marketing firms in the educational industry, has more than commemorated 50 years of experience collaborating with universities all around the globe to achieve educational partnerships that support students who aspire to pursue education in specialised fields. We were tasked with redesigning their existing website in order to give it a more professional and up-to-date look.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We decided on a more trendy and professional outlook for their current website, emphasising their services and educational collaborations.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

When rebuilding their website, we had to ensure that a clear and precise design concept was included in the layout, as well as aesthetically appealing visuals and a straightforward typeface. We also included an introductory video of the firm on the landing page that showcases their core objective, which entices visitors to browse the site and learn more about it.


03 Engineering

The website was given a vertical flow of navigation, which strengthened the user experience. We also built a clutter-free fixed navigation bar so that visitors can explore without having to scroll back up top.
The social media profiles of the firm were also added as an extension of the website so that viewers could always stay up to date on their marketing efforts. The constant communication between our team and the client led us to successfully redesign and launch the website.

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