Mobile Applications

The Brief.

The Love Digits mobile application was initiated primarily as a compatibility testing app using astrology. With 30,000+ downloads in a short period of time, and with reviews as genuine, easy to use, and entertaining, the Love Digits team created the new app to help individuals find a partner by comparing their compatibility ratings with those of potential partners. We were given the chance to redesign the mobile application in order to give it a more modern and sophisticated look and feel.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The objective was to modernize the app, exhibiting its distinctive blend of Vedic astrology and numerology with their unique astrological algorithm.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

In the design phase, we used a well illustrated design concept to create a contemporary and classy appearance and feel. We also incorporated aesthetically pleasing visuals, elegant typography, and a framework that was consistent with the official website's layout.

When structuring the components, we made sure to provide ample space on the mobile screens for them to seem uncluttered and thumb-friendly.


03 Engineering

Our mobile team redesigned the Love Digits app utilising cutting-edge technologies such Flutter and Dart. During the development process, a bottom navigation was incorporated to offer increased mobility between the app's high-level sections, as well as seamless transitions to generate a positive user experience.

We handled the challenge with optimism and a collaborative mindset, advising the client on the best alternatives and compromises without affecting the app's quality.

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