The Brief.

KWA, known as one of Sri Lanka's premiere architectural and interior design businesses, requested that we design and construct their official website. Their website was to be designed in a way that showcases their architectural works along with their portfolio of interior designs in a variety of sectors such as commercial and retail, residentials, hospitality and so much more.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We chose to design the website in a visually appealing way that emphasizes their services and their portfolio.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

Given the reputation of KWA Architects for providing high-quality architectural services, we chose to incorporate a modern and minimalist style for their website. This way, their architectural and interior design works will be shown, which may be the first element that potential clients or visitors see when they visit their website to learn more about their business.


03 Engineering

By incorporating a continuous flow of navigation between each page of the website, it improves the user experience while also reducing clutter in the navigation bar and allowing for smooth transitions between each component of the website. As a result of clear and frequent communication between us and the client, we were able to effectively launch the website.

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