The Brief.

When Kayo International LLC opened its doors in November 2011, it was the only Japanese language school in Sri Lanka and continues to be so to this day. Since then, it has flourished, teaching thousands of Sri Lankans the Japanese language and giving them the opportunity to pursue a better life in Japan. They requested us to give their current website a new look that effectively conveys the concept of the Japanese teaching school.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The plan was to redesign the current website to give it a more contemporary vibe.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

Our goal was to make sure that the content was the first element that users noticed when they arrived at the website, so we utilized visually appealing graphics, typography and a cohesive web style for all components. By doing so, the website visitor becomes intrigued and eager to learn more while exploring the website, hence improving the overall user experience.


03 Engineering

In order to further enhance the user's experience, we implemented a sensible and natural navigational flow across the website. In order to reach a much wider audience, we made certain that the website was SEO-friendly and compatible with both web browsers and mobile devices. Ultimately, thanks to constant communication between our team and the client, we were able to successfully redesign the website.

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