The Brief.

Jay Sea Foods, one of Sri Lanka's largest seafood export processors with 41 years of expertise, requested us to design and construct their official website. Their website had to be designed in a way that promotes their services to the public while showcasing their immense knowledge and expertise in the seafood industry.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We went with the idea of an engaging and aesthetically appealing website that provides a great user experience.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

It was decided that a clean and modern style and feel would be incorporated into the website's design in order to provide a fascinating and appealing element to its audience. Furthermore, we implemented a dynamic flow of web page transitions to make the website more accessible and user-friendly, allowing their visitors to easily navigate through the website without experiencing any difficulties.


03 Engineering

One of the primary goals of the website was to offer all required information to their consumers about the services they provide in a variety of categories related to the seafood export industry, so they may have a clear and understandable picture of the organization prior to obtaining their services. After a period of trial and error, we were able to deliver an efficient online solution that met the client's expectations.

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