The Brief.

Historical Dialogue, a project run by GIZ where they capture the various efforts of memorialisation in Sri Lanka and delve into the several accounts relevant to the country’s history, requested WAD to design and develop their website where they can learn about the history of Sri Lanka. The client required the website to set the entire impression of the project clearly to the users and other parties, inviting them to discover about Sri Lanka’s history of the post-war era, national museums etc. journalists

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We decided to create an interactive platform that publicises the work and research conducted by the GIZ team.


02 Story &
Creative Direction


03 Engineering

While developing the website using WordPress, we created an interactive map for users to engage with and find more information about different Museums around Sri Lanka and Memory Sites with strong historical significance.

Also, we included forms for receiving events and projects as a way for the user to get involved. Moreover, for the Walks held by the team, we applied an Interactive Map Route integration for routes. In the end, we were able to deliver an effective and optimal web solution.

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