The Brief.

Eskimo, one of the leading garment manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka who are well-known for their production of export quality knitwear for global markets, requested for the creation of their official website. They required the website to be designed in a way that clearly shows the full body range of products and where the user can explore the factory, view the historical milestones of the company along with their business methods and other calm-related information in a more interactive and different manner.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We decided to showcase the products of the company by displaying them in a manner of a walkthrough.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

We decided to give a sense of a walkthrough to the design and functionality of the website, hoping to give the website visitors a stimulating experience when exploring the factory and other components of the website, therefore making them more intrigued to discover more about the business.


03 Engineering

Since the website was designed as a walkthrough, we approached many different methods in order to achieve this to the website therefore arriving at the decision of implementing a horizontal look to the inner pages.
We included layers of elements to add depth, giving a seamless flow when navigating the website. The design of the landing page is to promote the products from the company by using one whole body image and covering sections of it with the relevant type of cloth.

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