Mobile Applications

The Brief.

English Tea Shop, famous for their flavourful and unique tea blends, also known as one of the UK’s leading premium organic independent tea brands, requested WAD to design and develop their official mobile application. The mobile application was to be designed and developed in a way that represents the company and where users can search and learn about the details of the exquisite tea blends that English Tea Shop provides.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

We decided to create the application to drive customers to the application to learn more about the company.


02 Story &
Creative Direction


03 Engineering

We developed the mobile application using Flutter, one of the latest mobile development software. The biggest challenge we had was using Flutter, as it was introduced to the public recently and there were hardly any learning materials of Flutter available at the time. But thanks to the consistent hard work of our team, we managed to create the app successfully. Moreover, we instigated a news feed where users can upload images and videos along with providing links that leads to the Amazon website.

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