The Brief.

Amana Takaful, one of Sri Lanka's most well-known insurance companies, was formed in 1999 and offers a wide range of financial solutions to both people and businesses. They came to us with the intention of redesigning their website. It was intended to be transformed into a much more visually appealing and informative website that clearly communicated the services given by the firm to its customers in a straightforward manner.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The goal was to create a website that was straightforward to utilize while yet having a modern look and feel.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

With transparency in mind, our team recreated the website with illustrative elements in order to convey a simplistic and professional design while also embedding the appropriate assets of content readability to ensure that all users with the intention of learning more about the business or acquiring their services are well informed in order to avoid any difficulties.


03 Engineering

We implemented a clear and fluid navigational flow between each web page as a way of enhancing the user's overall experience. For the intention of reaching a much larger audience, our team made sure that the website was compatible on all web browsers as well as digital devices and reduced the cluttering in the navigation bar. Finally, we were ready to launch the website to its full potential.

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