The Brief.


Our Solution


01 Strategy

We decided to redesign their existing website to ensure that it represented the organization in the most professional way possible.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

During the design phase, we opted for a clear yet modern appearance for the website in order to deliver an entertaining and interesting aspect to its target audience. On the landing page, we incorporated an introductory video of the organization so when users arrive on the website their attention is instantly captivated, prompting them to browse and discover more details.


03 Engineering

To provide their customers a clear image of the organization, we made sure that all of the content was displayed with moderate readability about the products and services that they provide across a wide range of industries. Also, we made sure the website was compatible with web browsers and mobile devices, as well as SEO-friendly, so it would rank high in search engine results. After much experimenting, we were able to establish a website that fulfilled the requirements of the client.

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