The Brief.

The 1990 Suwaseriya ambulance service was established in 2016 at the request of the Sri Lankan government to answer thousands of emergency calls throughout the Western and Southern Provinces.  We were requested to design their official website in a way that reflected all aspects of the service, from their purpose of establishment to their emergency procedures.

Our Solution


01 Strategy

The objective was to create an informative website to professionally represent the national service and to promote their mobile application.


02 Story &
Creative Direction

We wanted to make sure that the information about the service was prominently exhibited, therefore we used intended visuals and professional typography in the layout of the website to achieve this goal throughout the design process. While doing so, we ensured that the information was easily understandable so that site visitors could instantly grasp the importance of the 24/7 emergency ambulance service.


03 Engineering

One of the top objectives in developing the website was to ensure that all Sri Lankan citizens have access to the relevant information about the service so that they can understand the emergency process before engaging. By keeping this in mind, we integrated the feature to view the website in all three languages which are English, Sinhala and Tamil.
Finally, we were able to create an effective and ideal web solution based on the client's requirements after several trials and evaluations.

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