Mobile app Designing & development

Mobile devices have revolutionised how customers interact with brands, their products and their offerings. Being available at your clients’ fingertips 24x7 offers brands a unique opportunity to add value and a daring degree of personalization to the user-brand experience.

We work closely with our clients to develop their concepts and ideas into fruitful and value-driven mobile applications. On-going R&D and user-centric design and development approaches allow us to create apps that are easy to use and have exceptional personal value for users.

We specialise in application design and development on the world’s leading platforms.

We Are Designers Services Web Designing and Development

Web Designing & development

An effective web presence is a critical component of any company’s brand strategy. Customers form their first impressions about a brand and make the decision to interact with the brand before they step into your premises or see your product on the shelves.

Our solutions are developed on well thought-out digital strategies based on the brand’s positioning, value proposition, audience insights, business goals and competitor analysis. An immersive and data driven approach to web development ensures that all our web solutions are one of a kind and are crafted with the brand and user experience in mind.

We specialise in developing digital strategies for companies and translating those into web solutions on popular content management platforms including WordPress, Joomla and Magento (eCommerce platform).

We Are Designers Services Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We at WAD also recognise that animation is a fundamentally different means of telling the story of a brand, and that it requires a specialised skillset; the WAD team has a knack for transforming your brand message and identity into a tangible and visually compelling narrative. Here at WAD, our animators will deliver a customized concept and design that they will see through the production right through to final delivery.

Motion graphics encompasses a wide range of digital storytelling techniques, from animation, 3D, voice over, narration, interactive infographics, typography, as well as live action elements. All of these elements together can unfold a memorable visual narrative of your brand in a manner that conveys complex ideas engagingly. At WAD, we happen to be experts in 2D & 3D motion graphics and animation; from high quality production values to excellent design, we strive to deliver content that exceeds expectations.

We Are Designers Services Social Media Management

Social media Management

Social Media is an effective mechanism to reach and engage with targeted audiences. By developing strategies and creating content that catches audience attention, we are able to increase valuable social engagement for brands.

We are equipped to tactically handle any requirement to ensure your company makes the most out of its online presence. The solutions that we provide in order to manage Social Media in the most effective way will help generate the best results for your brand.

e-Commerce & Shopping Cart

The traditional brick and mortar business models have been challenged with the emergence of e-commerce. Many businesses are augmenting their traditional businesses with online stores to reach younger and wider audiences.

e-Commerce offers a cost effective avenue to grow your business and reach a large active audience online. At We Are Designers, we look at e-Commerce as more than an online store, but as a strategic expansion of your business. We bring the strategic, operational and tactical expertise necessary to not only launch an e-Commerce store but to also make it successful.

We work with reputed and established platforms such as Magento and OpenCart to develop stores that are easy to use, intuitive and drive transactions for your audiences.

We Are Designers Services Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation

Reaching the right audience at the right time is a crucial element in determining the success or failure of your digital strategy. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu, have now become the de-facto standards for your audiences to sift through content.

Optimising your website and mobile application to be found by the audience who will most benefit from it is an on-going process of analysis and refinement. Our team of specialists work closely with our clients and our development teams to create sites that are optimised for the most popular search engines.

We specialise in both on-page and off-page optimisations and also provide recommendation for off-line strategies that could drive better traffic to your website and mobile applications.

IT Consultancy

Assisting our clients in making the best decisions with regards to their digital and IT strategies and infrastructure is a key value driver for the team at We Are Designers. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their needs and advise them on what would be the best for their business IT requirements.

We Are Designers Services Branding


Crafting a strong digital presence begins with developing a solid brand identity. Our team of experienced and astute individuals take pride in generating and developing ideas that reflect your vision and intended brand positioning to maximise your company’s recognition and differentiation.