Educational Platform:
Digitize Learning

Educational technology (EdTech) enhances learning through mobile learning applications and gamification technology, which offers a transformative experience for the current learning architecture. WAD is contributing with innovative digital content that improves user engagement and learning outcomes by integrating multi-media, gamification, and collaborative learning platforms.

As a leading innovator in digital advancements, WAD identified education as the next great opportunity for digital services, and our involvement in the burgeoning field of EdTech allows us to display our commitment to the future. WAD strongly believes that the future of education is digital, so we have poured our resources and expertise into perfecting our educational output for both students and educators as well as learning institutes. The frontiers of digital education are expanding with each EdTech innovation, and WAD can help you stand at the forefront with our specially curated omnichannel digital solutions.

We Are Designers Products Gaming


WAD provides innovative solutions for gamifying classroom learning as well as for incorporating digital natives into the new learning model. We offer educational games that range from fast-paced quiz-based applications that can test student knowledge to immersive virtual reality landscapes where storytelling guides students through their curriculum.

Delivering an engaging and insightful educational experience for students has never been easier with our digitally integrated learning modules, which turn classrooms into online playgrounds. With WAD games, the learning doesn’t stop at school; our gamified learning experiences are designed to pivot off the intersection of learning and fun to engineer maximum retention. The continuously enjoyable nature of our games means that students can incorporate them into the everyday fabric of their lives.

We Are Designers uses creative gameplay techniques to transform and adapt the educational landscape for a new generation of students, with digital learning content that mobilises both engagement as well as gamification.

We Are Designers Products Workbook


Learning Management Systems (LMS) can harness collaborative, cloud-based learning and gamification to make informal online learning more exciting for both educators and students. WAD offers flexible new learning platforms from the cutting edge of the EdTech frontier with goal-oriented designs and unlimited interactive capabilities.

An LMS platform allows educational institutions to provide students with the necessary educational resources, and then subsequently monitor participation and assess student performance. WAD Learning Management Systems are geared towards facilitating documentation and evaluation of educational processes, which also allows for a more responsive system that addresses the needs of individual students. The WAD LMS services create a learning ecosystem that capitalises on a dynamic flow of information and accelerates the professional development of learners. WAD believes that effective educational procedures should incorporate a more personalised system that can accommodate the learning capabilities and needs of students at varying levels on the educational spectrum instead of offering a blanket solution.

We Are Designers Products Corporate Skill Development Games


For corporate institutions that need to enhance the skills and competencies of their employees, e-learning can be an increasingly effective tool. Our e-learning games perform the dual function of allowing you to equip your employees to perform their tasks effectively while simultaneously broadening your pool of recruits.

E-learning games create increased enjoyment of the learning process, since engaged learners are more likely to retain information. Employees absorb the consequences of real-life issues in a learning simulation that prepares them for the job as the LMS delivers a higher level of skill-based knowledge, while administrators receive quantified insights about employee performance and potential areas of improvement. Tap into the vast pool of unexplored talent with our flexible e-learning portals and tailored solutions that can help you achieve your organizational objectives.

We Are Designers Products Automated Talent Acquisition


We Are Designers can assist your institution with the task of identifying the best candidates for the job by deploying game mechanics in corporate recruitment programs. We develop highly nuanced applications that allow companies to test multiple aptitudes of potential employees. Through these gamified applications, potential recruits gain a more organic insight into the industry as well as the skills required for the job, and the competitiveness endowed by gamification allows for a higher degree of engagement throughout the recruiting process.

Revolutionise your new-hire training procedures with simulated environments and controlled situations that allow for a better demonstration of abilities.