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Our clients entrust us with their digital brands to deliver results and to equip them with futuristic digital capabilities. We approach each project with a fresh and dynamic perspective, seeking ways to leverage all of the potent digital channels to set your brand apart from the rest.



Every website has a story and a mission. We begin each development with the goal of presenting that story and driving that mission forward. In all our projects we attempt to balance creativity with functionality to deliver the best user experience while creating value for our clients.



Mobile apps are driving innovation in every industry, radically changing how customers perceive and interact with brands. We collaborate closely with our clients to create apps that are uniquely inventive while achieving their stated business goals.

Interactive media

Interactive Media

The modern consumer wants to control what, how and where content reaches them. We conceptualise and develop highly interactive digital platforms that encourage user interaction through gamification and other emerging trends. By leveraging our expertise in web and mobile, we are able to create brand touchpoints that are memorable while prioritizing user experience.

We Are Designers Projects Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is an excellent tool for brands to get in front of clients. However, customers are constantly bombarded with content throughout the day to the point of enervation, and it requires a fine understanding of digital positioning and brand building to reach the right audience with the right content that grabs their attention and drives behavior that is geared to maximize brand visibility.


Case Studies

The Brief

We were given the task to come up with a web solution that took on the concept of tea and placed it at the center of everyday life, in a way that also portrayed the areas of the brand ventures.

The Drawing Board

Dilmah wanted us to come up with an idea that addressed the idea of tea as a part of everyday life, which would present the best perception of the brand. We were assigned the task of coming up with a unique and captivating website. The site structure had already been presented to us, and we came up with the best way to present the required information.

The Development

The design was meant to make users feel like a walk through a “tea inspired” street, and therefore the functionality created the effect of moving back and forth through the street. Interactive elements added to making the site come alive which led to creating curiosity within users to experience the site further. Within each element of design on the home-page, rested a micro-site which was also handcrafted by us, but of a more minimalistic and solely information based nature. The entire site was structured and designed to look good on both PC and mobile, allowing users to access the site from any device.

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